What is this all about?

The overall goal of this tool is to bridge the gap between paying a graphic designer to create a custom PDF every time you need one. And the alternative, having something designed in Microsoft Word in order for you to make updates, but sacrificing the quality of the design.

We're trying to balance giving users the ability to edit their own pieces, while at the same time, not overwhelming you with too many settings. Updating your own pieces is now quick and easy! Plus, all of our templates were created by an experienced, professional graphic designer, so you know they'll look great, every time.

The Cost Breakdown

A custom PDF design from a graphic designer:

$200 for an event flyer. Plus $30 to update it every month. By the end of the year, you've spent $560 on 12 PDF flyers!

PDF Creations:

FREE to join, then $9.99/month. That's $119.88 for an entire year of unlimited professionally designed PDF's.

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